Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Books I Am Reading for July, And How I Set a Reading List

I have always held an interest in reading, for both entertainment and wisdom, though as I grow older, I prefer the latter (particularly with books). In recent times, my adoration for reading intensified. As such, I felt the need to develop a reading schedule; one so that I can fit in many a book without sacrificing comprehension or too much time. That is why I create a list of texts I wish to read in advance. A personal goal of mine is reading roughly two books a week—not counting the periodicals I read, from The Greenville News to Creepypasta. There are, however, some books that are gargantuan in length, and thus mandate more time, but others can take a single day.

The topics I am interested in the most are: history, language, philosophy, political science, psychology, and speculative fiction (especially horror). I refer to these interests when researching and traveling, hoping to formulate a solid list of books. (Subconsciously, I like to break up my interests into categories, like "practical politics," or arguing for specific policies and why, and "political theory," including the works of Niccolò Machiavelli.) After scanning used bookstores, referring to the library catalog for new releases, and scrolling through recommendations on Goodreads, here is my reading list for July-August:
  1. "The Room Where It Happened" by John Bolton (I finished this book a couple of days ago and I plan on reviewing it)
  2. "The Righteous Mind" by Johnathan Haidt (plan on finishing this by July 12)
  3. "The Outsider" by Stephen King (plan on reviewing this)
  4. "1984" by George Orwell
  5.  "This is Our Fight" by Elizabeth Warren
  6.  "Legality and Legitimacy" by Carl Schmitt

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