“I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down.” — Edgar Allan Poe

Greetings! My name is Brandon Soper, and welcome to The Hass Review! I am a professional writer and editor obsessed with the artistic and practical application of language; from the logic behind sentence structure, including syntax punctuation, to phonetics (think about the rhythm in Shakespeare's poems).

Through brutally honest commentary on contemporary periodicals, especially blogs for creative writing, and occasional book reviews, I aim to uplift writing standards and and illustrate my passion for words. In addition, I shall list books I am currently reading each month, hoping you will add them to your own. And I cover various genres, ranging from fiction (especially horror, thriller, and fantasy) to non-fiction (namely politics, current events, and biography). 

If you are also interested in getting your own work critiqued or polished, check out my official website:

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